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  FPS Content Control is a powerful parental control tool.
  FPS Content Control has strong protection from erotic and porno sites.
  FPS Content Control is a handy tool for the Internet access limitation and incoming content control
  FPS Content Control is working at the low level and did not depend on your browser and any external programs
  FPS Content Control has the reliable protection from hacking, stopping or uninstall attempts
  FPS Content Control allows you protecting yourself, your kids and your friends from accessing to erotic and porno content.
  Implementation: Windows service and specific driver
  Free full-functional trial version: 30 days
  Free program updates: within version 3 all new features and existent functionality extensions for free!
  Platforms: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Sites in the base: 169 709
Updates: weekly
Price:  $19.95
  FPS Content Control main features  
  The database describing "adult" content sites
More than 160 000 alive and really existent sites
Weekly updates
  Powerful heuristic analyzer
Checks incoming site's content before it goes to the browser
Analyzing site content in 7 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Russian
Detecting not only explicit "adult" content, but even indirect hints about erotica and pornography
  Access limitation
Available resources settings: Internet, Social Networks and P2P Networks (direct file exchange)
Access scheduling for every day
Quotas - one-time access for some time to defined resources
Your own lists of prohibited and eligible sites
  User tracking
Internet access and resources blocking history log
Automatic screenshots log
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